Photo by Maria Baranova

Photo by Maria Baranova

ae has developed, written, directed, and  choreographed multiple projects. Her pieces tend to focus on atmospheric or emotional arcs rather than linear storylines. They often involve live music, sweeping movement, and heavy visuals. ae is available as a collaborator and concept developer for stage, film, art, and performance works.


ae choreographs plays, musicals, performance events, dance pieces, concerts, music videos, solos, Drag performances, Weddings, Events, etc. their dance works are sometimes built under the company name Tender Loin. Send all choreography inquiries to with a description of your project.

Past and Current Projects Include:

FULL PIECES (devised, directed, choreographed by alexa andreas:
Breather-- october 2017 american af Festival
BREATHER (WORKSHOP)-- JUNE 2017 black box theater 440 studios

Strange Weather (workshop)-- June 2015 dixon place
Strange Weather--April 2014 robert moss theater
Who Will Survive In America-- November 2013 white box theater 440 studios

Respectable Wedding (as co Choreographper, Dir Dan Safer)- 4/18 The New School
Eat Our Dust (Tender Loin's debut performance)-- 6/16 Williamsburg Walks Festival
Greasy (Dir. DJ Mendel)-- 4/16 Robert Moss Theater
BATHTUB (Dir. Max Reuben, Writ. Lyndsey Bourne)-- 2/16 the tank
The Tower (Dir. Philip Gates, Writ. Adam Scott Mazer)--12/15 here arts center
Gun City (Dir. Max Reuben, Writ. Taylor Adamson)--6/15 dixon place
This Room is For Everyone (Dir. Morgan Green, Writ. Bubba Weiler)-- 5/15 robert moss theater
Perfect Fifths (Dir. Jenna Antoniades, Writ. Dan Rider)-- 11/14 robert moss theater

Dystrophy; Or They All Landed Safely--August 2013
Retina Dysplay-- April 2013



Tender Loin's Debut Performance
Created by A Andreas + Company
Cast: Rebecca Hidalgo - Zachary Denison - Eva Jaunzemis - Andrew Chung - Ryan Szelong - Tate Rehklau - A Andreas

Trailer for Strange Weather, a Tom Waits Anti- Musical. Created, Devised, + Choreographed by A Andreas.
Cast: Brian Mason, Amanda Phelan, Owen Russell (shown); Tori Khalil, Erik Rogers

Excerpt from Who Will Survive In America, Devised and Choreographed by A.
Cast: Curly Nunez, Kerry McEnerny, Antonio Barrera, Simone Black, Cami Mendes, Patrick Daly, Paloma Rabinov, Erik Rogers